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Access to electricity leads to enhanced agriculture, business, education, health, water and sanitation, and overall economic growth and the improvement in the quality of life; yet more than 600 million people lack electricity. Africa needs to accelerate electrification while mitigating against, and adapting to, climate change. The considerable untapped renewable energy potential and their rapid cost reductions hold promise for a massive roll out of sustainable electricity on the continent. However, knowledge on effective policies, interventions, and investment models remains limited while data that would aid planning and investment is inaccessible and scattered. Accelerating sustainable electricity in Africa therefore also requires generation of new knowledge. We anticipate a call for proposals on energy and climate change in the last quarter of the year. This presentation suggests a framework for country case studies on addressing the challenges of sustainable electrification in Africa. It highlights the methodologies that are likely to impress funders while helping to guide climate-smart sustainable electrification in Africa

PRESENTER: Prof Edwin Muchapondwa, School of Economics at the University of Cape Town (UCT), Senior Research Fellow of the Environment for Development (EfD), and Secretary General of the African Association of Environmental and Resources Economists (AFAERE)

MEETING ID: 655 1761 4084

TIME: 27 August 2020 14h00 GMT

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